How much money have you saved? Smoking Calculator

With the recent hike in prices of tobacco products, I decided it was better now then ever, being at university with student money problems, along with health benefits, there is obviously the money factor that concerns many smokers and this tends to be especially younger people, they know its bad for their health, but at this age they don’t care or don’t think it will affect them for a while to come.

I believe if they see how much they have saved by not smoking, they will be more likely to equate that money to something real, whether that’s a new phone, a new car, whatever they have been wanting but never thought was a good idea to spend money on.

For example my personal quit smoking calculation is over £92.60 after just 20 days of not smoking, being a 10 a day smoker at £8.80 a packet, you can see how this is progressing here. Stop Smoking Calculator

This was a personal thing at first, however after a few days of checking on my own results I decided to share this with other people, and set about making the calculator cater for users, allowing the input of their own personal smoking habits.

If you would like to see how much you could have saved or have saved if you have stopped smoking already(well done may i add), then visit the smoking calculator and I must add that I truly do recommend the products that are mentioned on the page as they will help you to stop smoking or at least they worked for me, click the picture below to try it for yourself!

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